RAI-PP is intended for destroying equipment (vehicles, weapons systems, shelters, munitions and electronics), Explosive Ordnance
Disposal (EOD) and Improvised Explosive
Device Disposal (IEDD).

RAI-PP thermite does not include explosive or pyrotechnic materials. It is very insensitive and RAI-PP is not in Explosives class 1. It is not an explosive or pyrotechnical material. This allows easy and cheap storage and transport.

During the burning RAI-PP generates a lot of heat and white-hot molten iron. This destroys different materials efficiently. If the iron does not perfectly perforate the target (for example a cannon) the iron-containing cooled slag makes use of the target impossible.



RAI-PP consists of body part (aluminum), igniter (handle, electric igniter or shock tube igniter)
and thermite composition. Weight: 0,6 kg.


The thermite composition in RAI-PP is very
insensitive. The igniter must be specially made
for RAI-PP.  The igniter may be a traditional
handle. RAI-PP can also be ignited by electrical igniter or by shock tube.

Igniters are classified as 1.4G.

Thermite composition

The thermite composition includes small iron droplets which yields more molten white-hot iron. Each RAI-PP includes 490 g ± 15 g thermite.

RAI-PP contains a pressed solid thermite
composition. This makes the burning steady.

Burning temperature is up to 3000 °C. This depends
on how the heat escapes to the surrounding

Burning time is 30 seconds.