NSN 1315-58-000-9505


  • Aluminium base, plastic case, waterproof
  • 75 mm calibre, others according to request
  • Classification 1.1C and 1.3C
  • Black powder amount according to request
  • Does not dirty the bolt
  • Quick, easy and safe to load and fire
  • No flying objects from the round
  • Safe to fire at -30 … + 50 °C
  • Sound pressure fixed according to MIL-STD-14740

Consists of a

  • bottom part (aluminum)
  • base primer (brass)
  • cartridge (polyethylene)
  • plug (cardboard)
  • black powder The black powder is separated from the plastic part.

Weight: 0,93 kg.
Packing: 8 per plywood box, total weight 13,5 kg, 18 boxes per pallet.
Box volume: 37,5 litres (0,0375 m3).

Approved transport classification, hazard division, compatibility group, UN-number and proper shipping name: 1.1C, UN 0326, CARTRIDGES FOR WEAPONS, BLANK.