RAI-PP is intended for destroying equipment (vehicles, weapons systems, shelters, munitions and electronics), explosive ordnance disposal (eod) and improvised explosive device disposal (IEDD)

RAI-PP thermite charge itself does not include explosive or pyrotechnic materials. It is very insensitive and is not classified in Explosives class 1. In the transport package the UN classification of the RAI-PP assembly is 1.4S. This allows easy and cheap storage and transport.

During the burning the RAI-PP generates a lot of heat and white-hot molten iron, which can destroy efficiently various materials.


Rai-pp assembly is consisting of thermite charge, igniter, and handle. Also electric ignitor without handle is available. In the transport configuration the thermite charge, ignitor and the handle are apart and need to be assembled before use.


The thermite charge of RAI-PP is very insensitive. To ensure the ignition of the charge the igniter is specially designed for RAI-PP charge. The handle is equipped with safety pin to prevent the unintentional ignition.


Dimensions and mass

Height of the assembly 130 mm
Diameter of the assembly 55 mm excluding handle
63 mm including handle
Mass of the assembly Approx. 750 g


Each RAI-PP includes approximately 0.6 kg solid thermite composition which is pressed into the aluminium body part and enables the steady burning of the thermite charge. Burning temperature can be up to 3000 °C but depends on how the heat escapes to the surrounding environment.


One package includes:

20 pcs RAI-PP Thermite charges 20 pcs RAI-PP Mechanical ignitors 20 pcs Composite handles

Ignitors are packed in aluminium inner package.

1 x 20 pcs box

Outer package Plywood box

Outer package dimensions 407 x 294 x 242
Inner package of ignitors Aluminum box
Articles in the outer package 20 pcs in a box


Suggested operational temperature – 40 °C …+ 50 °C 
Hazard classification 1.4S
UN Number UN 0454
NSN Number 1375580009500
Quality ISO9001, AQAP2110