The mine-clearing hook is used for the clearing of tripwire mines. The clearing hook is shot by as- sault rifle (calibre 7.62 or 5.56] with the help of an adaptor, installed on its barrel. Inside the clearing hook there is a bullet trap, catching the bullet and giving the hook motion energy to reach a range of 75 to 90 metres. The attached line is then pulled back the spring wires of the hook detonating the mines.


With the EDD Disruptor, the ammunition’s fuse can be detached without detonating the am- munition. The disruptor can also be used for oth- er targets required to be detached or destroyed. The device can even shoot a modified mine clear- ing hook.

The cartridge’s powder gases project an installed steel bullet, iron powder or water at the target. The cartridge is ignited by an electric detonator, by a detonator No. 8 connected to a safety fuse or by a shock tube detonator. The disruptor is installed on the stand, by which the target range and direction can be regulated. The disruptor can also be used without the stand.

After the detaching the device can be reused or packed in the transport case for future use.


With the rocket wrench, the fuse of the unexplod- ed heavy ammunition or bomb can be removed without detonating the target.

The rocket wrench is fixed to a conic or cylin- drical fuse. The cartridges are screwed to the cartridge chambers and connected directly or with a firing pin to the firing device. Powder gases give the rocket wrench a rotational movement, which releases the fuse. After the bomb clearing the rocket wrench can be reused or packed in the transport case for future use.