ATMF is designed for use with the TM-62 and TM-72 series anti-tank mines to enhance their performance. It incorporates a small shaped charge to penetrate armour and thereby substantially increase the lethality of the parent mine. ATMF can also be modified for most other first generation pressure fuze anti-tank mines.

ATMF is one of the most powerful anti-tank mine fuzes available today. The combination of a multi-sensor sys- tem, sophisticated signal processing and high explosive power offers an outstanding overall performance. Hit probability and destructive power are unrivalled.

ATMF is also available with add-on remote control fea- tures. Choosen fuzes can be deactivated and activated from the distance up to 1 500 meters. That provides user the possibility to quickly open and close caps in the minebarrier for own movement.


ATMF 62 is screwed into the central threaded fuze well of TM-62/TM-72 series anti-tank mine when the mine is laid.

Arming is performed by unlocking the arming lever lock and thereafter moving the arming lever into the arming position, thereby opening the explosive train. Firing capacitors remain discharged until end of arming delay, the detonator is short- circuited until immediatly before firing.

A status LED at the top side of ATMF informs the operator about the condition of the fuze: deactivated – in arming delay – last minute of arming delay.

During operational life of the fuze the LED is switched off.

ATMF 62 uses combined seismic, electromagnetic and force influence sensors to identify its target and select the opti- mum moment for initiation.

On initiation, a clearance charge removes earth from above fuze before the shaped charge is detonated.

The shaped charge forms an EFP (explosively formed projectile) that penetrates the belly armour of the target vehicle and initiates the charge in the TM-62/TM-72 mine.


  • Full-width attack capability
  • Penetrates more than 75 mm armour
  • Operates as laid on ground or buried underground
  • Safe interruption of explosive train during storage and handling
  • Provides safe arming delay time
  • Field-programmable operational life time
  • Programmable pre-setting of by-passings
  • Built-in anti-lifting device
  • Capable to be deactivated/activated by means of DEPROG 62
  • Reliable self-neutralization after expiry of operational life time
  • Indicates its status by means of a status LED and via an indicator for self-neutralization
  • Resistant to clearance by mine rollers
  • Resistant to explosive clearance techniques
  • Resistant to clearance by electromagnetic signature duplicators
  • System safety in accordance with STANAGs 4497, 4157 and 4187
  • Is in accordance with International conventions: Contains more than 8 grams of solid iron
  • Does not create explosion command being detected by pulse action mine detector
  • Training and handling versions available
  • Remote controlled version available