Raikka Oy is a Finnish company established in 1946, producing machined products and explosives.

The activities of the company are divided into two business units: the machine shop and the explosives factory. The synergy and cooperation between these units strengthen the whole company, especially in innovation and production.

The company are based on ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 quality standards and on the ISO 14001 environmental system.

History Our first products consisted in primers loaded in cardboard covers, start-up charges for diesel engines and glow paper and the Raikka stone bombs. In the 1950 the production of electric explosion primers was started. For two decades, the activities were centred on the production of electric primers, and the machine shop was expanded. In the 1970 production of practice equipment and primers for the armed forces were started. In the year 1978, the production of electric detonators ended, and the needs of the armed forces became the focal point by expanding heavily this range of products. Development in primer and recoilless anti-tank weapons was strong.

The Machine Workshop works as a contract manufacturer in the metal industry with main focus on CNC turning and milling. Medium-sized serial products are main businesses. Also partial assemblies and press work belong to the production. Our most important partners are machine and equipment producers, the Armed Forces and the explosives factory of the company.

The Explosives Factory manufactures propelling charges, fuzes, pyrotechnical products, special cartridges and EOD-devices. Classification and functional tests for the products are carried out in development and production. The Armed Forces and security businesses both in Finland and abroad are among our clients.