Raikka Ltd works as a contract manufacturer in the metal industry with main focus on CNC turning and milling.

Partial assemblies and press work are suitable for our production.
Parts of valves, fixtures, different machine parts, parts of armament and primers are among typical products.

The machine shop has a modern production set-up including warehouse facilities.
The equipment are mainly CNC lathes and machine-tooling centres. All lathes are equipped with the bar feeders or with the gantry loader system.

As to the materials, we have a broad experience from working with plastics and all to way to acid-resistant materials and everything in between.

Among our customers we have Vexve, Alstom Grid, AGCO Power, BHR (Olkiluoto 3 construction site), Finnish Armed Forces, the explosion factory of the company as well as many other equipment manufacturers.

The activities of the company are based on ISO 9001 and AQAP 2110 quality standards and ISO 14001 environmental system.

As pole lathe turning Ø4-65 mm, L=250 mm
As piecework Ø20 – 200 mm
Robot fed, L=200 mm
Manual machining Ø20 – 350 mm

Our workshop is equipped with the most modern and powerful lathes, such as Mazak and Index-Traub. All the lathes are equipped with rotating tools that make turning possible as well as different drillings and are designed for the serial production

Pallet 500×500 mm

Machining movements of the milling machines, max. 560/580/550 mm We can also do different assembly weldings in various materials, such as aluminium, Aisi304 and Aisi 316L. We can also do assembly work according to the requirements of the customers, and we are able to assemble parts using eccentric presses.