The Remote Control Unit RCU enables the user to deactivate and activate ATMF-RC and to inquire its status at long range. The radio link between the fuze and the Remote Control Unit is designed to obtain high reliability in the command and control data transfer and to attain highest possible safety in order to avoid unintentional command and misfiring.

RCU 62 consists of the electronic unit and a directional antenna. The antenna may be hand held or mounted on a tripod. Range for transfer of command and control data by radio between ATMF-RC and RCU is at least 300 m in flat terrain and line of sight. For safety reasons the communication between the fuze and the Remote Control Unit is by-directional and uses a 32 bit rolling code encryption.

The fuze transmits only on command from the Remote Control Unit and duration of transmission is very short, therefore the detection of the fuze by enemy troops is impossible.

Technical specifications of ATMF-RC

Dimensions: Diameter 240 mm
Height: 122 mm (73 mm outside mine pody)
Weight: 2,7 kg
Penetration: > 75 mm armour
Arming delay: 5-30 minutes, factory programmable
Operational life time: Field programmable, up to 45 days in steps of 1 hour
Operational life time: By-pass setting 0-99 target vehicles, field programmable
Self-neutralization: 120 days after first arming
Operating temperature: –46 to +71°C
Waterproofness: Down to depth of 1 m
Battery: C-size lithium thionylchloride
Housing: Polycarbonate